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Villa Costa de la Luz, Zahara de los Atunes

Contemporary living of the clean lines on the Atlantic coast in Villa Costa de la Luz. In Zahara de los Atunes – a sleepy little nest away from the big tourist streams – this dream of holiday house is situated. Spacious and minimalist, the villa combines comfort and contemporary design. Despite the clear lines, we have not forgotten to plan different bonmots: livable, “cozy” areas. The ever-present wind from the east (Levante = Spanish for sunrise, east) or Poniente (Spanish for sunset, west) make life difficult for the inhabitants on the rough Atlantic coast. Therefore, we have cut a covered terrace area deep into the building, even in severe gusts of wind, the inhabitants are allowed to look uninterrupted and wind-protected to the Atlantic and enjoy the pleasant temperatures. The area is completed by a room-high folding door element, in open position, the house borders merge, the spectacular ensemble of Atlantic fragrance, the wonderful view and the always audible waves on the beach are then fully integrated into the interior of the residential villa.

Also functionally the building is a candy: the important living areas are arranged around the aforementioned covered area: living kitchen, living room, large sun deck, pool and the entrance area. Without having to enter deep into the building, visitors can be taken directly to the terrace, and this can be served pleasantly and without detours from the kitchen.

In the eastern part of the house is an entrance courtyard, we enjoy windstill here, because the wind from the west is kept of the house itself, and the slope protects us of the wind from the east. This allowed us even to offer a grove of lemon trees, an actually not usual plant on the Atlantic coast, because of the rough sea climate.