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Surveyor Marbellabühler + partners architects are architects who are also registered as construction surveyors Marbella, with a focus on Costa del Sol. Building is a very valuable undertaking, so discussions between the parties are often not missing. Construction surveyors Marbella like bühler + partners arbitrate in construction, develop solution concepts or create court surveys. We are called as construction surveyor Marbella and on the Costa del Sol mainly because of minor defects. The aim is to get all parties to a table and negotiate agreements, because processing is lengthy, costly and unfortunately does not always end with our expectations. As a construction surveyor, we are trying to document an existing problem as neutrally as possible and to make recommendations on possible conciliation. We have found that in over 80% of cases, the parties are already trying to reach a compromise after submitting the survey. Building processes are expensive and lengthy, but the results are often aimed at a consensus, so why not somehow find a extrajudical agreement – with probably the same result. Building processes are one of the most expensive at all, in the case of gross defects it can become very expensive. We have seen quite a lot things in our long-standing activity as a construction surveyor Marbella: from mostly minor defects such as haircracks in the house to buildings that really break apart in the middle. In the latter case, our customer had the big problem that the responsible architect had laid down before the start of the house construction, but the construction company – at the same time the seller of the property – in the old way, simply completed the construction in order to move the sale as soon as possible. The German, uninformed buyer, was happy about your purchase of property on the Costa del Sol, but quickly noticed that the building had some gross flaws. Problem: In the meantime, the building contractor / seller was also broke, unfortunately there was no prospect of compensation for our clients. Call us and let us advise you, a first get-togethers talk is always free with us.