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RICSRICS Surveyors and Advisors

Benno Bühler is RICS member (MRICS 668 98 26), Architect, Courts Surveyor and Appraiser for Spanish Courts . RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, London) is the world’s leading professional body for qualifications and standards in land, property, infrastructure and construction. RICS members never stop learning as every year they need to participate in specialized courses. RICS regulates and promotes the profession; maintain the highest educational and professional standards; protect clients and consumers via a strict code of ethics; and provide impartial advice and guidance. Because there is no professional protection for this job like for a Doctor, Everybody is a surveyor – a specialist – for something. This is why it is so difficult to find a competent Surveyor, as there are all levels – from very low to very high – of surveying standards offered in the market.

As architects bühler & partners mrics architects, surveyors, valuations is working in Malaga on the Costa del Sol since 1996 and have projected until nowadays over 1 million m2 of living space. Take advantage of our experience! Since 2010, we are recognized by the Banco de España (Arquitasa) as real estate valuers in Spain, 2011 we have been admitted to the court in Spain as building surveyors. Since 2015, we are registered with the Spanish Ministry of Justice as a mediator for commercial and corporate law as well as building and family law. Our construction expertise (peritaciones terceras) is requested by Spanish judges when it comes to complex issues concerning construction in Spain.

Building Surveyor and Advisor

As building Advisors, we are mainly contacted by private Home Owners. In doing so, the main focus is on the documentation of damage to construction or contradictions in the construction process. It is about disputes of building quality, differences in the billing, or errors in the acceptance / non-filling of the defect removal (snagging list). Or even about guarantees that a builder doesn’t want to fullfil. Or also about delay of construction completion and exceeding of the agreed completion date. Also the not always well-functioning interplay of various subsections in the construction is often part of our work.

In our reports, we advice and document technical deficiencies, billing mistakes of the construction company, bad or not remedied defects, construction damage. In addition, we also give estimates of what the repair of the defects can cost / how much the final amount of the clause is, if the dispute has to be carried out in court. The Spanish courts contact us for “peritaciones terceras”, so if each of the parties to the dispute has already submitted an survey, the court will determine another “third” opinion. This survey is not intended to reconsider the facts which are already contained in the two preceding surveys, but rather to inform the court which of the two surveys is likely to be closest to the truth.

Valuation / Appraisals of Spanish real estate

We are also registered as Appraiser and are authorized to make official valuations for Spanish properties. For example, in financing and mortgages (we are a member of Arquitasa), or even when valuations of real estate are necessary, in cases of inheritance, operating dissolution or divorces. For determining a property value, we primarily perform according to the comparative value method or material value method.

Conveyancing advice as home inspector

Our work as a building Advisor and consultant helps buyers interested in buying a property. In 2012, we established a unique service on the Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz: The Home Inspector in Spain. This property purchase advice is intended for buyers who want to rely on the expertise of a local construction expert before buying a property in Spain. We have refined this service in such a way that we can take care of the entire purchase, starting with the technical inspection, drafting a short report, negotiating with the seller, preparing and obtaining all required documents, and drawing the purchase certificate with the notary. Our fee is based on the savings we negotiated with you for the seller.

Mediator for Civil, Family and Corporate Law

Since 2015, bühler & partners mrics architects, surveyors, valuations is also directly involved in court proceedings at the court as a mediator for civil and family law as well as commercial and corporate law (Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid). In the procedures as a mediator, we are mainly concerned with the topics we also deal with as a building expert, but also with company resolutions, property valuations, divorces, inheritance disputes. As a mediator, we help to clarify disputes out of court and to get the parties involved in a dialogue. More and more courts are pointing to the mediator before court proceedings are allowed. With the mediation of us, the disputing parties can save costs and effort, because the mediation goes fast and is in comparison considerably much cheaper than a court proceeding. In Switzerland, the mediator is even compulsory before trials are admitted to the court, there are also tendencies in Spain to change the civil procedure rules in this regard. The courts are hopelessly overcrowded, mediation could result in out-of-court settlements for about 60% of the proceedings. More information on mediation can be found at the European Union’s Information Bulletin.