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Building in Spain, Costa del Sol from Sotogrande, Marbella to Malaga and Nerja is now fun again: Good construction prices, due to high unemployment good specialists at the (few) construction sites. And: All involved on the construction have a lot of time, time of which you will benefit in form of advice and quality. Since 2007, Spain is experiencing a real estate crisis with which we all still have to live for a while. The totally overpriced housing prices for ever-decreasing construction quality punishes the country now, in an unprecedented form. In spite of the crisis, interesting and high-quality properties can still meet a certain demand, but the target group is – at least 2011 – rather Eastern Europe (especially Russia), Emirates as well as investors from China and India. After many have sold since 2004, now also Germans buy again in Spain, but only top quality and rather in well-preserved residential facilities like Alcores or Alzambra. It sounds unbelievable, good real estate is still missing. So, even in times of crisis, you have to relativate something, which properties are currently in demand and which are not. And there is now a consensus: the least demand are overpriced residential blocks, which were raised at bad locations, such as Calahonda alta or Manilva. The old advice “top location, top quality, top property knows no crisis” is so true again.