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German architect Costa de la Luz in Cadiz

Architect Costa de la LuzAs a German architect Costa de la Luz in Cadiz, bühler + partners architects also plans in Conil, Zahara de los Atúnes or in Tarifa. Particularly the Atlantic climate makes it a challenge for the architect Costa de la Luz to provide decent construction quality: the Atlantic weather conditions influence the structure and all the components: the “Salitre” (salt-laden air near the coast), the extreme sun from the west in summer and constant winds (the cold Poniente and the hot Levante from the back country) bother every building. In the vicinity of the coast (<5km), even reinforced concrete must have a higher concrete quality than normal reinforced concrete. Here is prescribed by law B30 (waterproof concrete) with at least 5 cm concrete cover over the reinforcing iron.

Deficient concrete quality

Unfortunately, in our architectural activity as an architect Costa de la Luz, we have often noticed that this quality (corresponds in Germany the waterproof conctrete) is not given. Also wooden windows, facade paints and even thermal insulation materials must meet these special requirements. Apart from the quality of the buildings, the orientation has to be specially treated: as an architect Costa de la Luz, we try to solve the problems of the extreme sun from the west and the steady winds. How do we do that?

Constructional wind protection

Preferable constructivly: On the west side, we place generous covered terraces in front of our living rooms, and we prevent the winds by specials shapes of the house (= wind protected terrace area). We reach wonderful results through patios or L / U – shaped floor plans. Although we have our headquarters in Malaga, we are particularly pleased with the projects as an architect Costa de la Luz, because for us this wonderful area is always worth a trip! As a construction surveyor, we are often in the area from Tarifa to Cadiz, so it does not take much effort for us to look after German clients. The wonderful landscape of this area inspires us again and again, as architect Costa de la Luz, we look forward to advise you in detail.

From Cadiz to Tarifa

Benno Bühler of the bühler + partners architects team has worked for a year in Cádiz and Jerez de la Frontera and knows the area like few others. As a German architect Costa de la Luz, bühler + partners architects has already worked on several projects, especially in Cadiz and Jerez de la Frontera, where Benno Bühler still maintains good contacts. Especially his activity in the office of the current President of the Chamber of Architects in Cádiz contributed to get to know the area.